Our Guardian Angels work through our conscience so strongly that my research indicates our conscience may be up to 100% our Guardian Angel

As human beings we all have the gift of Free Will. It seems that our Guardian Angels cannot prevent us from making our Free Will decisions in everyday life. What they can and do is to put feelings into our minds that we commonly describe as our "Conscience". These feeling are like an inner voice, urging us not to do something that may hurt others.

Many of our actions in life impact directly on others. If our actions in some way cause hurt to others, either emotionally, psychologically, or physically then our conscience should make us aware of this. We may question our conscience and say: "Well, I know a person, or other people may not like what I intend to do, but it is for "Good" in the long-term"
Alternatively we may just go-ahead and do things which hurt others in some way, and our actions are for our own self-centred needs and satisfaction.

Our conscience should always tell us if we are doing something spiritually wrong.

Some people are so self-centred that they always ignore their conscience. Eventually they lose their conscience completely. Their Guardian Angel cannot get through.
Something new starts to happen. When a Guardian Angel has to stand back because someone is totally self-centred and is going through life hurting others, then it leaves a spiritual void. The void is caused because the Guardian Angel has had to stand back, cannot get through and cannot protect the individual from negative, evil energies.

Negative energy is always around waiting on the earth plane, waiting for an opportunity to get into someone who is no longer protected by their Guardian Angel.
Once negative energy starts to influence a person then their evil actions towards others become more intense and more frequent. 
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