Guardian Angels


We all have Free Will to choose whether we live in the aspect of our Higher Self, or choose to dwell in our Middle or Lower Self Aspects.

However, we  can only know a true connection with our Guardian Angels when we choose to live in the Aspect of our Higher Self.

Our Guardian Angel is the BRIDGE between the Spiritual Realm of Heaven - of Unconditional Love- and the physical world in which we live. The Healing energies and wisdom of the Spiritual Realm are made available to us via our Guardian Angels.

How we may learn to Live more in the aspect of our Higher Self

Our soul energy shimmers and resonates at different levels , moving and changing within the different Aspect Levels many times each day. We may exist mainly in the Middle Self, mainly in the Lower Self, or mainly in our Higher Self Aspect.

We can learn to resonate much more in our Higher Self by focussing on the spiritual energy of unconditional love. We can achieve this in many ways: by helping and caring for others, through prayer, through building-up rather than breaking down ( Have you ever noticed that a house can take months to build, a relationship can take years to build...that is how good and positive things are done. Negative energy can destroy a building, destroy a relationship in seconds).

As we start to spiritually grow, by our own Free Will, to resonate more often in the Aspect of our Higher Self, our Guardians will naturally be closer to us, and we will FEEL their closeness

1)    We will not feel that cold, insecure feeling inside, but instead a gentle warmth of love, of inner confidence and spiritual strength

2)    When we are helping others, or doing something good and positive, we will find a new energy to get through the work we need to do. This energy is channelled from our Guardian, and is especially noticeable when we are otherwise tired


3)    Our Guardian works through our feelings to bring healing and calm into situations

4)    In some people who are dedicated to truly helping others their Guardian works so closely with the Higher Self, that their energies meld to the point where that person is almost an Angel

5)    Living in the Aspect of our Higher Self we may no longer feel depressed

6)    Living in the Aspect of our Higher Self means that we can experience our Guardians giving us messages through our FEELINGS, INTUITION, CONSCIENCE

7)    Our Guardians know our basic positive Life Plan. We may be given “Insights” into our future Life Plan through pictures in our soul-mind

8)    In our Higher Self Aspect we can keep tunnel vision in what we really want in our future, and our Guardian Angels will put things in place to make our dreams come true.....other than winning money!

How Angels Communicate with us

Angels communicate into our thoughts so completely that we may just take them as being our own thoughts.

We have free will. Our inner voice might not even be a voice - it is a series of thoughts that warn us, guide us. We constantly create our own thoughts, but the inner voice is different in that the thought, and ideas suddenly come from nowhere. I best describe this as a sudden “knowingness”.

With free will we can choose to ignore our inner voice. If we do this frequently enough then we lose our close relationship with our Guardian. We may then become reckless in our actions, and inconsiderate, lacking in empathy for other people, and for animals , nature and the environment.

We may have spiritual gifts such as charity work, concern for animals, concern for nature, concern for the planet. When we balance our free will thoughts with our inner voice from our Guardian then our spiritual gifts will bear fruit. We can and do generate our own love for others, and we have our own skills and abilities.

Guardian Angels are a part of our conscience. Our conscience is within our inner self and may whisper to us that something we have done, or are considering doing may hurt someone, or hurt an animal, or hurt nature.

Some people become so self centred that they never listen to their Guardian Angel.

In such cases their Guardian is unable to give thought into the minds of these people that act as their conscience.  Eventually this cutting off from their Guardian is so total that they no longer hear the inner voice.  Their Guardian cannot get through to them. Such people might seem to be civilised and confine their self centred actions to walking over others legally in business , career, or relationships. They, and others can, and do hurt people physically or mentally without feeling guilty.

Negative - external earthbound spirits of evil energies cannot get inside anyone who has still a connection with their Guardian Angel. Our Guardians protect our inner selves from negative energies.  The earth plain does have a lot of negative energy. Also spirits who are evil can still be bound to the earth plain and seek opportunities to target individuals who have torn away from their Guardian.  Negative, evil spirits can then try to communicate directly into their thoughts. If such a person has a dark character it is easy for the evil spirit to stoke their fire of self-centred purpose to cause harm. These people  go out and do harm to others, and have no conscience concerning harming animals and nature.

Our Guardians work through our intuition, giving sudden answers to problems, feelings inside about what to do. These seem to come from nowhere. An impossible overpowering problem can suddenly be answered by seeing what to do.

Spiritual Gifts… how our Guardian Angels  become one, melding with us when we want to use our spiritual gifts. This "As one" feeling may produce a totality of our inner thoughts, and spiritual powers to enable us to do the work, as being OURSELVES creating the thoughts in our minds.

I firmly believe that many scientific discoveries have been inspired inside the thoughts of our great scientists by their Guardians as part of some Higher Plan.

Our Guardian Angels can also work externally in helping this things around happen in a better way for you.

Our Guardians Angels bring healing. Just think about our fragile body and how it is a miracle we can survive in life.

Angels can help us achieve that deep down longing for fulfilment that most of us yearn. We all have different talents and abilities and our Guardians can help us make the most of what we have got.

The most successful people achieve their ambitions and personal goals through being totally focused. They have tunnel vision and imagine where they want to be and what they want to achieve. If their vision is good, and will cause no hurt or harm, then  they will be helped by listening closely to the inner voice from their Guardian Angel. People are mostly unaware that their own thoughts and visions can be added to by their Guardian, who may feed them ideas, inspiration, motivation and positive energy along the way.

Yes, our Guardians feed us many differing kinds of positive spiritual Energy!

Guardian Angels can sometimes be seen clairvoyantly, especially when their energies are intensified whilst healing someone. They shimmer in different colours and shades of purple, Springtime green, and anti-inflammatory, cooling ice blue.  They can also be seen as white light, or a beautiful radiant gold of pure Life Energy.

 Guardian Angels are Beings of Unconditional Love from the Spiritual Realm of Heaven, and will never put thoughts in peoples' minds that will cause hurt or harm in any way.

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