Angels communicate into our thoughts so completely that we just take them as being our own thoughts.

We have free will. Our inner voice is not even a voice - it is thoughts that warn us, guide us. Don't get me wrong, we constantly create our own thoughts. The inner voice is different in that the thought, and ideas suddenly come from nowhere. I best describe this as a sudden “knowingness”.

With free will we can choose to ignore our inner voice. If we do this frequently enough then we lose our close relationship with our Guardian. We may then become reckless in our actions, and inconsiderate, lacking in empathy for other people, and for animals , nature and the environment.

Real Life Examples of how our Guardian Angels Guide Us

Self: "I want to earn a lot of money: Self - I will earn money by becoming a pop star or successful actor"

Guardian: "These are not your talents……… Don’t try to be something you haven’t the talent for"

Focus on what you feel from your Guardian you can do, try hard, and be a success!

Self: "I am out shopping but don’t know where to go for a gift for my family member/ friend - I am getting stressed and tired"

Guardian: "Just blank your thoughts, slow down"  "You will suddenly know which shop to go into, and be drawn to a suitable gift" --- This is your Guardian at work!

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