Amazing reports of significant healing benefits have been received from people who have received Clairvoyant Spiritual Healing from Rob Mason

Healing can be towards a quicker recovery from illness, to ease the pain of stress or bereavement, to ease depression.
Healing can be to our lives, to provide a happier and brighter future and personal fulfilment through greater success in whatever we do


You may think "I don't often need healing, for I am generally in good health"

Alternatively you may think "I don't have a Guardian Angel healing me, for I am always unwell"

Our Guardian Angels constantly bring healing to us

Our human body is frail in this harsh world we live in. It is a miracle that we can survive with such a fragile body, constantly at risk from injury and accident, and constantly exposed to germs that cause illness.

Many people damage their health through bad diet, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of exercise. Our Guardian Angels are constantly working to help us when our free will actions are harming our bodies

That miracle is the constant work by our Guardian Angels, healing, protecting, guiding us away from danger, and trying to keep our immune systems, and other bodily defences at optimum efficiency


Our Guardian Angels channel Healing Life Energies into us.
As a clairvoyant, the time when I most often see Angels is when their energies are intensified in channeling healing to other people.

Life Energies can be a shade of purple, pure healing energy, Springtime light green for renewing body cells, and Golden for pure Life Energy, plus many other shades of the colour spectrum

Still In Research

I gave a clairvoyant reading to a young woman who was pregnant, but her personal health was damaged by an extremely bad "Junk Food" diet, smoking, drinking alcohol etc. Her baby was subsequently born perfect. I am not a medical person, but know enough about the human body to realise that our cells need the correct nutrition, trace elements, proteins, that are the building blocks of life. I am certain many of you reading this will have known a mother with similar lifestyle, although I realise that babies can be born with health problems from mother's who don't take care of their personal health.

I asked my Guardian: "How can the baby have such perfection?"
My Guardian replied: "Through invisible Life Energy the Healing Angels can channel into a baby in the womb the building blocks of Life that people might truly believe can only come from nutrients in food, or from the mother"

As I say, further research needed because this opens up a lot of further questions!


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