The term "Aspects Of The Soul" is used in spiritual communities in many different ways. It can mean the three Aspects of Mind, Body and Spirit. It can be the ancient Egyptian belief of the soul having different parts. I see all human souls as an energy that is just "One". Within the "One" we actually create our own areas in which our soul may resonate. These vary from person to person, and can be many areas, but I broadly categorise these into the Aspects of Higher Self, Middle Self, and Lower Self.

The real person inside each one of us is a spiritual energy of consciousness and intelligence. It is the "Me" . It is the "I Am". In many hundreds of clairvoyant readings that I have given, the soul is the "I Am" of a person who has passed, who is communicating to me through my gift as a medium.       
                                                                                                                                                  The amazing qualities of a soul no longer in physical life are:
1) We retain our memories. Yes, our physical brain retains memories, and so does our soul. I have given readings from those who have passed with brain damage through Alzheimer's disease, and they are "Made good" again with lifetime memories, and their character restored to prior to ther illness.
2) Every day of our life is almost like a page in a diary that we can revisit, and relive from the Spiritual Realm.
3) We retain our character. We would still have a sense of humour, we might be quiet, or loud as we were in life. We might be stubborn.
4) We do not take negative energy into the Afterlife. We lose anger, fear, and depression. We may still feel other emotions.

Our Behaviour In Life

When we try to determine why people behave as they do, we have the medical science of psychology.

When we try to determine a person's behaviour spiritually we can identify three major aspects to our soul:

  1. Our Higher Self
  2. Our Middle Self
  3. Our Lower Self

Middle Self

Most people live in the Aspect of their Middle Self most of the time. The Middle Self is the Centre of our Aspect Being. We may describe this as self-centred behaviour. We have to be self-centred to survive in life. This means making sure we have enough food, clothing, somewhere to live, money.

In modern, materialistic society our souls are constantly groomed into resonating with the Aspect of the Middle Self. Advertising is everywhere we turn, internet, radio,tv, newspapers and magazines. Our physical brain brings sensations through sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, and desire for positive physical experiences and adventures. Our soul resonates in what we think is a "Normal" way with Middle Self. We are swamped with advertising messages of how we can acquire the material things we desire.

The modern materialistic world is in reality not the normal human experience if we go back in the past to see how human beings lived in simpler times.

It can be seen that the human soul is groomed by society into choosing the Middle Self Aspect. This is our Free Will choice, that our Guardian Angels have to respect, yet it means that our we, our soul - may not resonate in the Higher Self as often as we should.

Lower Self

There are several Spiritual Aspects within the Lower Self. Our Lower Self is primitive,
aggressive, survival self:

  1. Many people living in their Lower Self Aspect may have very little conscience. They are capable of hurting people psychologically, and physically. They don't often feel compassion and will cause suffering with no ability to "Put themselves in others shoes to see how others feel". They enjoy controlling others, especially people who are in a close relationship with them. They drain the energy of people close who are trying constantly to please them.
  2. Another Aspect of Lower Self can be seen in people who constantly feel self pity. The "Poor Me" syndrome. These people have one thing in common with those previously described in (1) in that they drain the energy of people who are close to them.
  3. An important aspect of Lower Self is where society forces and grooms people deliberately to resonate part of their time in their Lower Self. One example is that of soldiers in wartime situations. They are groomed by their training to resonate in the aggressive survival self, yet in their personal lives would move back their Soul Aspect to resonate in their "Normal" Middle Self, and sometimes in their Higher Self. Guardian Angels may, or may not, still be close to people in these situations.The reasons become extremely complex.

Living in our Lower Self Aspect, if it is by our own Free Will choice, leaves us left cut-off from our Guardian Angels. We may live a life in stress, and constant anger, or depression. We may gain physical advantages over others for a time, and acquire short term success over others. We also are at high risk of negative energies taking over our soul.

Higher Self

When we live in the Aspect of our Higher Self we are capable of giving and showing love and compassion for others, and for animals and nature.We might put the interests of others ahead of ourselves.

The absolute Attribute to resonating in the Higher Self is to be able to feel and project Unconditional Love.

I personally, as a clairvoyant deliberately live and resonate with my Middle Self most of the time. It keeps me grounded, and functioning in the real world and society we live in. When I need to help someone with my clairvoyance I connect to my Higher Self by firstly moving my thoughts to feel and project unconditional love. This moves myself into the Higher Self Aspect of closeness with my Guardian Angel, and I receive clairvoyant visions and messages through a direct channel to the Spiritual Realm.

Most people are capable of moving themselves for short periods into the Higher Self. If you see a baby, or a kitten or puppy, you will notice how you may feel unconditional love... and this is an intense feeling that momentarily might leave you feeling "Better" because you started to resonate in your Higher Self

Aspects Of The Soul

As unseen wind blows to who knows where

Our invisible soul energy, is always there

As gentle breeze on a fine summer day

Our soul may be gentle and full of play

Storms come in our lives and our souls


As destructive wind in a storm, are we ever wise?

Our souls have three aspects, higher, middle, low

In which our soul resonates, in this poem I will show.

Most of life’s time our soul resonates in self-centre, 
The middle level of existence we most often enter


Self-centred is normal for food, shelter, money,

Entertainment, life journeys, stressful or funny

Materialistic world adverts target us every day

To buy more desires, phone, car, holiday,

Shop for food and clothes where they entice us

Spend, spend every day,

…………..not true happiness

Many souls resonate at times in lower self,

Primitive, worse than animal, greed, seeking power,

and wealth

They never put their thoughts in other people’s place,

Cold hearts destroy lives, a scourge on

the human race

Psychological bullies, cause physical hurt, pain and fear

Steal energies from those around, family, friends, and others near

Living each day in Lower Self, Guardian  Angels cannot get through,

To live like that is a free will choice

Negative energy may take over you

And lead to life destruction, destroying others on the way

A house, a country, may take years to build,

Can be destroyed in a moment of a day.


A caring, loving soul may lift-up to Higher Self,

Needs of others before themselves, not concerned with


They have a secret, I will share, for tired they often may be

When helping others they feel stronger

Their soul feels more energy

………...From the Angels

In Higher Self, unconditional love,

Is a perfect energy

Our Angels connect now closely, setting our soul free,

………….Of Life’s burden’s

Our Life Plan will be clearer,

For our Angels already know,

They hold a vision of our future

Whom we’ll meet, and where we’ll go

Guardian Angels speak through our feelings,

Intuitive knowing of what’s wrong and right,

Ways forward through our problems

Our life now filled with Light

In Middle Self, and Lower self ,our Angels are still there

We may not know their presence,

Until we resonate in love, and care

……...for others

Become more loving, and more caring,

Qualities of spiritual strength, and grace,

Let us learn, let us grow,

We can make the world a better place

Robert Mason

The wonderful, amazing and profound impact on our lives of becoming closer to our Guardian Angels, and discovering the Angels that are there to help each one of us can be life changing!
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