Our Guardian Angels Can Give Us Special Help

At times we may need special help in life.

For ourselves we may need special healing in times of health crisis

We may need extra help through difficult situations.

For others we may wish for urgent healing when seriously ill or injured

For others we may wish for their lives to be urgently improved from bad situations.

How Can We Ask for Special Help?

We ask for Special Help through Prayer. Yes, prayer either in our thoughts, or out loud. Prayer alone, or in unison and harmony with others.

Our thoughts and prayers are heard in Heaven because Heaven is a place of pure thought.

How do we Pray?

We should never pray to our Guardian Angels. They work in the purpose of God, and on the instructions of God.

We should always pray to God. Pray upwards to the Highest Spiritual Authority, to God, and the powerful, loving actions needed to answer our prayer will be passed back down to our Guardian Angels
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